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From LD Entry:

"Hungry Eddie is a platformer made for #LD32.

You play as a very hungry yeti, and your goal is to eat the meat at the end of every level. This game supports keyboard and gamepad controls.

The controls for pc are "W" to jump, "A/D" to walk,"S" to stomp, and "space" to use your ice breath. In gamepad mode the "enter" key is used to switch to keyboard mode.

This game supports gamepad input. For the XBox controller "A" is used to jump, the d-pad is used for walking and stomping, and "X" is used for ice breath. In keyboard mode "start" is used to switch to gamepad mode.

The graphics, design, and programming were done by me. The audio was done by Scott Mitchell."


Hungry_Eddie.exe 9 MB

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